Launch Excellence

At Inspiros Consulting we work closely with both your people and processes to give your launches every chance of success. With expert oversight from one of our launch gurus, we can support you to ensure your launch team have clear roles and responsibilities, have their launch project plan documented and tracked, or even provide launch frameworks and tools for your total Organisation to give all launches the best chance of success.

We’ve seen for ourselves that a few small factors can make the difference between successful or unsuccessful launch execution and we are determined to help you navigate the roadblocks (or should we say, turbulence ?)

We have all of the expertise, knowledge and ‘hands on’ experience to ensure successful launch planning and execution. Having worked with multiple clients to improve their launch processes and design launch frameworks. We also support you to improve launch capabilities within the organisation.

Whether you are 36, 12 or 3 months from launch, we can assess the health of your launch project plan and your Organisation’s launch processes to help you to take immediate corrective action if required or to ‘dial up’ those elements of your current practices that are working well.

VP Marketing, Large Multinational Pharma Organisation


‘We haven’t stopped talking about the launch planning workshop since ! I’m not sure how you achieved what you did in one day, but it was so much more than just the content of a slide deck – thank you for helping the whole team to understand why we are still waiting for certain bits of information and when we will get the answers that we need to confirm our launch date.’ March 2024

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